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We all know that Coach Skillman had a wonderful way with words.

Well, during a face off, one of our midfielders, Chris Haas, won the face off so the other team retreated into their defensive zone. Haas dropped the ball near the middle of the field and there was no one around him. He kept trying to scoop the ball and kept failing. He was pushing the ball closer to the sideline with each attempted scoop. As he was about to push the ball out of bounds Skilly yelled "Hey Haas step on it, it's not****dead yet". This is certainly one of the funniest lines Skilly came up with. Everyone was hysterical.

Chris Fehmel
Class of 1983


After a game me and some of the guys went with Skilly to the White Oak Inn on Camp Ave. (Most of us were able drink because we were 18). So after a few beers and shots, Coach Skillman asked the bartender for 5 shot glasses and had all of us watch as he devised this amazing offensive play. He used the shot glasses as players and an ash tray as the goal. The first time we tried it it worked great, I scored the goal. Coach Skillman named the offensive play "The White Oak"..........naturally. He was one of my best coaches of many.
-Dennis Darnaud


In 1975 Calhoun had a very explosive offense. The season began with Calhoun defeating Freeport HS by the score of 11-9. Four goals were scored in 43 seconds of the final minute of the first quarter, two by Joe Behrens and one each by Chris Peterson and Craig Storms.

The game was hard fought through out rest of the game with Calhoun hanging on for their first win of the season. Calhoun would win it's next 6 games going 7-0 before loosing to the eventual NY State Champions and play off rival Elmont HS 15-6. From there Calhoun won its next 2, then loosing to another playoff rival Levitown Memorial 10-7. Calhoun finished the season 14 wins against 2 defeats coming in first place in South Shore Division lll.

1975 Season Schedule

Scrimages 8 wins 0 losses

Bethpage - 9-4 win
Bellmore Kennedy - 9-6 win
Levitown Memorial - 6-5 win
Island Trees - 12-0 win
Mepham - 11-5 win
West Islip - 3-1 win
Comoswauge - 6-2 win
Holy Family - 9-0 win

Regular Season 14 wins 2 losses

Freeport - 11-9 win
Bellmore Kennedy - 9-5 win
Carey HS - 15-2 win
Wantagh - 11-5 win
Holy Family - 16-2 win
MacArthur - 10-3 win
Elmont - 15-6 loss
Seaford - 10-4 win
Long Beach - 20-5 win
Levitown Memorial - 10-7 loss
Lynbrook - 19-4 win
Hempstead - 19-3 win
Carey - 14-7 win
Lonbeach - 20-3 win
Wantagh - 16-6 win


Levitown Memorial 17-9 win - SS Quarter Final at Calhoun
Uniondale 8-7 win - SS Semi Final at Hofstra
Elmont 8-3 loss - SS Final at Hofstra

-Paul McNamee

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